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“Islam is a very simple faith. It requires man to recognize his duties toward God Allah, his Creator and his fellow creatures. It teaches the supreme duty of living at peace with one’s surroundings. It is preeminently the religion of peace. The very name Islam, means peace. The goal of a man’s life, according to Islam, is peace with everything. Peace with Allah and peace with man.

The Qu’ran, the Holy book of Islam, tells us that the final abode of man is the “House of Peace”, ‘where’ no vain word or sinful discourse will be heard. The Holy Divine Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, says that a follower of Islam in the true sense of the word is one whose hands, tongue and thoughts do not hurt others.

Object of man’s life, according to Islam. is his complete unfoldment. Islam teaches that man is born with unlimited capacities for progress. Islam does not support the idea that man was born in sin. It teaches that every one has within him the seed of perfect development and it rests solely with himself to make or mar his fortune.

He is free from all defects, holy and transcendent. He is personal to us in so far as we see His attributes working for us and in us; but He is nevertheless, impersonal. Because He is infinite, perfect, and Holy, we do not believe that death, decay, or sleep overtake Him. Neither do we believe that He is a helplessly inactive and inert force. Nothing happens without his knowledge and will. He neither begets nor is He begotten, because these are the trails of frail and weak humanity.

Praying In Mosque

Our Approach 

Noble Drew Ali is a prophet of Allah, who was divinely prepared to propagate the faith of Mohammed, and to extend the learning and the truth of the Great Prophet of Ali, in America”.  Therefore;

We believe in the five pillars of Islam:

Oneness of Allah, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgrimage.

We propagate the faith:

…in Allah, all the Angles, all the Prophets, all the Holy Books, and in the Day of Judgement.

We strive toward spiritual growth:

By purifying the heart through

(1) Knowledge of our Higher and Lower Self,

(2) Being of Service to Humanity, and

(3) The Attainment of Virtue which results from habitually

climbing a three-step ladder of Belief, Faith, & Fruition

Our focus and ultimate goal is taking our Islamic faith to a state of “fruition” (called “Ihsan” in Arabic). This state of “Fruition” (or, Ishan) is the process of “building the Temple of Perfected Man“, where mankind “becomes what he knows“. In this state of being, one operates in union with God — in every thought, word, and deed.

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